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Expat Life Guest Blogging Tunisia

Guest Blogging:

I have recently been asked to answer some interview questions by the website Expat Arrivals, which specialises in providing up to date, comprehensive information on many countries, making it easy for future expats to learn as much as possible about their destination.

Click HERE to be taken to their Country Guide on Libya:

Expat Life in Libya

I actually used their website when i looked into moving to Libya. It is very informative and i’m very happy i could help them by sharing my experience with their readers.

You can read the interview i gave HERE

I would recommend this website, they have put together a complete package of real life information that expats need before moving abroad, so check them out. If you’d like to contribute to their website you can contact them through their website.

Important Updates:

I have recently re-designed the photo gallery for Tunisia. All pictures are now clearly organised and displayed in a more elegant manner. You can simply click on any picture to see it in pop on the screen in a larger size. I have added many comments as well to give you a real feel of that amazing country.

Picture Hammamet Tunisia
just one the many new pictures in the Tunisia Gallery
Click on TUNISIA to go the the photo gallery. 
I’d love to hear what you think of the new layout so please leave some comments.

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