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I’m off to Tunisia, no Matter What!

I love Tunisia. If you’ve been following this blog, you know one of my purposeĀ isĀ to shed light on Tunisia and show the world what fantastic opportunities this little country has to offer to travellers and explorers of all kinds. Well, Tunisia is very much in

I Love Expat Life & I Love Holidays!

What do you do for your holidays when you’re an expat? I mean aren’t we technically already on holidays, since we’re abroad and living in the sunshine all year long, surrounded by palm trees with the beach nearby? To be honest living in Jeddah feels

Tunisia in Pictures: Off the Beaten Tracks

Like me a lot of people, i’m sure, like to sneak a peak at a place before they actually visit it. I’ve been to Tunisia many times and i’m in love with that country. It is my pleasure to give you a little tour to

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On the Move Again – Part 2/4

For the second leg of our journey we left Gabes and the family behind to join the capital Tunis in order to catch a plane the next day at Tunis Carthage airport. We had originally planned to take a louage, a form of public transport