My Expat Travels

These are the countries I’ve been to and lived in and I have kept a record of my first impressions at various key moments of my expat life in each of those countries. The good times and the bad times are all there… because every moment is an experience.

As a self branded ‘Serial Expat’ I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a few countries and even make some my home for a period of time ranging from a couple of years to a third of my life (yep that long). One thing my experience has thought me is that first impressions are very important, but they don’t last… sadly. How easy it is to forget those precious few moments, days or weeks you spend in a new country. There is so many exciting things going on, you simply cannot commit to memory all the feelings and images of those first times.

Yet how important it is to remember them.
How else can you actually see the progress you’re making as you slowly adapt to a new environment? How can you make the difference between stereotypes and actual traits of a new culture? How can you be sure your first impressions were correct?

Below are the countries I’ve been to and/or lived in. I have recorded my impressions on a regular basis to give you a glimpse of what life is really like there.
Country pages include maps, first impressions, tips and advice, useful links, pictures and more.

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Expat life in the UK Britain

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Expat life in France

Expat life in Libya

Expat life in Saudi Arabia

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