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Expat and Muslim in India

India is notoriously difficult to define or understand, so perhaps more than in other reviews, this piece is a reflection on my experiences rather than an overall judgment of the nation. India is, in theory, a pluralistic, democratic and secular state where the population is

universal language of children

The One True Universal Language

Is childhood the best universal language in the world? I spent a few weeks in France this summer to visit my family and to catch up with my best friends from university. It’s been many years since we met up and we now all have

I’m not a photographer and it’s OK

I’m a mother, a teacher, a blogger and quite a few other things, but I’m not a photographer. I do like clicking away on my phone and keeping pictures as souvenirs. I do love showing readers of this blog what my life as an expat

Expat & Muslim in Iran

  Iran is one of only a handful of countries around the world that declares itself a fully-fledged Islamic republic. Not surprisingly, simply naming itself an Islamic republic doesn’t make Iran a utopia for Muslims, despite the ‘idea’ of Islam being infused through the government