Libya in Pictures: Zawia University

I don’t know if you’re like me but when I start looking into a destination I want to see some pictures. I need to get a feel of the place and this is something that words alone can’t give. For future expats to Libya the process of finding pictures is very frustrating, I know, there are virtually no pictures other than those of the war.

Enough words, here are some pictures of Zawia University in Libya. Just one last word, I worked on the new campus in Zawia, the one just outside the city where the English Department is currently located.

 Zawia University – Faculty of Arts

Zawia University Libya

This is the main car park for students and staff of the Faculty of Arts. The English Department is located in the sand colour building. The white building on the right is for classrooms.

Zawia University Libya

The English Department is by far the largest in the Faculty of Arts yet it is given the same number of classrooms as the other departments. Teacher are often left without a classroom and have to roam for one at the beginning of their lesson.

Zawia University Libya

The 2 floor building is where the English Department classrooms are located. In front of it is a the chill out spot and pick up point.


Zawia University – The structure

Zawia University Libya

The buildings are organised in a square shape around a little green garden. All buildings have 2 floors.

Zawia University Libya

View from the first floor over the Department of English offices in the sand colour building in the middle. In the background the white building is another Faculty.

Zawia University Libya

White buildings are for classrooms, there are no auditorium in Zawia University.


Zawia University – Classrooms

Zawia University Libya

All classroom buildings are the same. A long corridor with 5 or 6 classrooms on each floor. As you can see there is no equipment, no notice board, nothing to indicate you are in a learning environment.

Zawia University Libya

Typical classroom: spacious, high ceilings that are bad for acoustics, no desk for the teachers, sometimes a white board, no AC units and no other form of equipment either.


Zawia University – the Mall

Zawia University Libya

The Mall is located just behind the English Department offices, there you’ll find stationary and photocopy shops, cafes and cafeterias as well as all kind of shops selling shoes, make up, clothes…

Zawia University Libya

Like all the other buildings the Mall is built over 2 floors

Zawia University Libya

On the left hand side of this picture, in the Mall, there are the offices and classrooms of the Art Department. The year I taught in Zawia, the Art Department had no registered student.


Zawia University – the best of the rest

Zawia University Libya

When you leave the university by the road you can’t help but notice this striking building. Not sure what Faculty it houses but it does look nice.

Zawia University Libya

This building with a yellow dome is the Administration Building for the campus of Zawia University. The offices of the Dean is there as well as the Finance offices where you can get your pay check.

Zawia University Libya

Shortly before I left, Zawia University had been fully fitted with Wifi Internet. They built a huge tower to get the service in place. It worked for a few weeks then went dead… not sure how it works (or not) now.


That’s about all the pictures I have of the Zawia University Campus. If you plan on working there I suggest you read this article first, it explains why and how I left. Click HERE to read about my last months in Zawia.

If you still have questions i’ll be more than happy to answer them so leave a comment or Contact me.


10 thoughts on “Libya in Pictures: Zawia University”

  1. ayman says:

    hay i am really glad to see my city in your blog zawia is beautiful coastal city

  2. Tim | UrbanDuniya says:

    I wish I had a guide like this for every place I worked overseas! It's great to have an idea of what a place looks like before you get there 🙂
    My recent post The Duniya Look: Melbourne

    1. JaaMeela says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words. I\’ve been thinking i need to re-focus my posts around helping expats so your comment comes to remind me of the purpose of this blog. I\’ll be posting more photo article in the future.

  3. worldjourneysdiscover says:

    it seems so quiet! There's so few people there!
    My recent post Trip of a Lifetime – Prague and the Czech Republic

    1. JaaMeela says:

      Don\’t judge a book by its cover they say right? lol Looks all nice and well but if you\’ve read my other posts on Zawia you\’ll know it was the most stressful work environment i\’ve ever found myself in.

  4. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo says:

    I love posts like this showing the real world and not just the beautiful and glamorous.
    My recent post 9 Favourite French Expressions

    1. JaaMeela says:

      Totally agree with you it is important to me to show the truth otherwise this doesn\’t really help expats. This blog is all about giving real life info not showing off tourists spots.

  5. Ceri says:

    I'm ashamed to say that I don't know much about Libya except for the political uprise that happened a few years ago. I always wondered how safe it was and what the teaching environments are like there. I love your pictures.

    1. JaaMeela says:

      Don\’t be ashamed Ceri a lot of people know nothing about Libya. And this is precisely why i started my blog to help future expats firstly but also to share what i have learnt about that country.

  6. cvail says:

    It looks very hot and very dry there! I'm glad they finally got wifi!
    My recent post An Evening in Dubrovnik

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