The Noodle House Jeddah – Restaurant Review

One weekend,  I was supposed to go to Tahlia Street in Jeddah so I looked in my “The Entertainer” coupon book for some Asian restaurants and found The Noodle House Jeddah. I looked up a menu and reviews online. I was warned: “delicious but expensive” but I thought with my BOGOF coupons it would be ok, so off we went.

Where is The Noodle House Jeddah?
Ground floor – Teatro Mall on Tahlia Street (aka Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St)

When we arrived we saw a beautiful mall, truly lovely setting and the restaurant too was really nicely decorated, creating a peaceful, cosy place.

We asked to be seated in a family area and were taken towards the end of the restaurant (with a view over a backstreet with construction works). Seating is comfy on cushioned wooden benches and the space is quiet.

The menu are placed on the tables with funky noodle shaped pens to tick boxes to order what you want. First thing I noticed was that the prices were basically double what I had found online. We even considered leaving but the waiter arrived with cutlery and some kiddy colouring things. Waiter was polite and welcoming but a bit too pushy for my taste. He kept pushing the very pricey appetizers and salads and drinks on us.

We ordered some main dishes of noodles (Pad Thai and chicken and prawns) as well as some spring rolls and prawns crackers and a large bottle of water. While we waited, the waiter brought an assortment of sauces and dips and explained what each one was and once again spent too much time at our table before leaving.

When the food arrived what we immediately noticed were the biiiiig plates and the smaaaaall portions. I mean when you pay an average of 80sar for a main dish, you expect to be full and we knew straight away that wouldn’t be the case. As for the taste: well it was “ok” nothing more. The noodles were nice but the prawns and chicken were hard to find and even harder to share as we had about 3 pieces each in our plate. Lots of a sort of fried egg thingy that we didn’t know would be there. All in all not impressed.

the noodle house jeddah

This is the main dish plate!!! Bonus point if you can spot a prawn. Magnifying glass not provided!

My husband was in a hurry to get out and forget about this place so we quickly asked for the check. The waiter once again tried to make us order some desserts (at insane prices you have guessed) and we refused.

The check came… and went back. For a total of 174sar we had calculated we owed (thanks to our BOGOF coupon) we were charged instead 380sar including some drinks we certainly never ordered. We had told them from the minute we sat down we would be using our BOGOF coupons and they had said fine but the reduction didn’t appear on the bill. They of course rectified the check but we were left with a bitter taste anyway. As if charging us too much for tiny portions wasn’t enough!!! They also inflated our bills (mistake or not we are not sure).

In conclusion: if you’re looking for a hype and trendy place to celebrate an occasion, some fancy place to impress a loved one and you don’t care about value for money then by all means, The Noodle House Jeddah is perfect. If you’re hungry for Asian food and/or on a budget then forget about it. You’d need 150+ sar per person to eat well ( and enough).

Will I go again? Nope. Once was enough. I like nice restaurants and I’m happy to pay the price for really nice food and service but this felt like it was all wrong and a bit of a ‘rip of’ to be polite.

Have you been to the Noodle House? What was it like for you?

8 thoughts on “The Noodle House Jeddah – Restaurant Review”

  1. jonny says:

    your pictures are amazing!! Looks like an amazing place to explore.

    1. Jameela Deen says:

      Bon Appetit 🙂

  2. jonny says:

    Loved the review and i hope to visit this place soon.

  3. Andrew Boland says:

    wow. actually its refreshing to read a negative review about a place for a change!

    1. Jameela Deen says:

      Lol I blog for pleasure and I have so far refused all offers of money so i\’m 100% free to write what I want.

  4. Rashad Pharaon says:

    Haha, nice post Jameela, totally agree some restaurants are WAY overpriced. They should also have authentic chefs, but those are very hard to find (considering the stricter living conditions). Glad to see you’re still in Jeddah, though. Looking back at it, it’ll be a time of my life I don’t regret.
    Rashad Pharaon recently posted…Hong Kong, Macau, Chiang Mai In A Week

    1. Jameela Deen says:

      I agree with you about the \’authentic chefs\’ too. Feels kinda weird when you go to an Italian restaurant and all the cooks are Indonesian or Philippino.

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