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jeddah schools

The Problem with Jeddah Schools

Jeddah Schools. I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while now. Indeed, it completely baffles me how hard it is to find a children’s school in Jeddah. When we were in Libya just after the revolution in 2012, we were expecting to have

universal language of children

The One True Universal Language

Is childhood the best universal language in the world? I spent a few weeks in France this summer to visit my family and to catch up with my best friends from university. It’s been many years since we met up and we now all have

Language Gap…at home!

Raising children in a multilingual family is a source of great fun, challenges and benefits. Raising them as serial expats in several different countries is simply amazing and a chance to give them something really special. If you haven’t read my blog yet, you should

Amazing School 2

One of the reason leaving Misurata was such a hard decision was that we were not happy taking our children out the school they were in. Lamassat School in Misurata was so perfect we felt that we would never find anything like it in Zawiya.