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the noodle house jeddah

The Noodle House Jeddah – Restaurant Review

One weekend,¬† I was supposed to go to Tahlia Street in Jeddah so I looked in my “The Entertainer” coupon book for some Asian restaurants and found The Noodle House Jeddah. I looked up a menu and reviews online. I was warned: “delicious but expensive”

jeddah schools

The Problem with Jeddah Schools

Jeddah Schools. I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while now. Indeed, it completely baffles me how hard it is to find a children’s school¬†in Jeddah. When we were in Libya just after the revolution in 2012, we were expecting to have

I Love Expat Life & I Love Holidays!

What do you do for your holidays when you’re an expat? I mean aren’t we technically already on holidays, since we’re abroad and living in the sunshine all year long, surrounded by palm trees with the beach nearby? To be honest living in Jeddah feels

Suitcase or Wardrobe?

We have been in Libya for almost a year now, we have moved twice and have lived in 3 different houses or flats. We are now pretty much settled in Zawia, we will be getting our full salaries soon enough (inshallah) so i’m wondering: “should