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Moving to a hot country has always been something i wanted to do but there’s something i never knew. What is the winter like in hot countries? I mean coming from a cold country you don’t really know what to expect, it’s now December 2013 so i’ll tell you what winter is like in Libya.

End of the summer:

In Zawiyah this year summer lasted up until the 1st week of November. I actually have pictures of my family’s last trip to the beach on November 4th!!! The weather was still very much summer like, temperatures still around 30 degrees during the daytime. Only difference with the other summer months is that days are shorter so there is less time to enjoy the heat.

Life in Libya
Our new beach spot just outside Zawiya, Libya.
Picture taken on November 4th, 2013

Autumn next:

From mid-November we definitely felt a change in the weather, days were still comfortably hot but in the mornings and at night it felt chilly enough to wear long sleeves or a little jacket even. This lasted about 2 weeks.

Life in Libya
Autumn day in Zawiya, Libya

Winter at last:

Life in Libya
Flooded road in Zawiya, Libya

Then by the end of November 2013 the Libyan version of winter came with howling winds and a lot of rain, really loads of it. We have seen a few floods in and around the city, some roads became impossible to drive through (See picture), water got into houses, turned gardens into small lakes and created small landslides in the sandy ground. As for temperatures they fell too and we suddenly had to put the heating on in the house and wear winter clothes (so glad i had kept some). Yet as far as i’m aware temperatures haven’t gone below 10 degrees and during the daytime, most days were 15-20 degrees. Sunny days even pushed the temperatures to more than 25 degrees. I guess we felt cold because when your body becomes used to 30 to 40 degrees or more all the time, anything below 20 degrees feels truly cold. Also houses here are built for the heat and every trick is used to keep them cool (big rooms, high ceilings, small windows, pale colours…) so you actually feel very cold indoors.

I don’t know how long the winter lasts… i’ll let you know. In the meantime take my advice, if you’re planning to move to Libya or another hot country, don’t throw away all your winter clothes, you’ll need them, even if it is only for a few months.

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