working in Saudi Arabia

Why Working in Saudi Arabia is the Best Move for You.

Maybe some people wonder why on earth anyone would want to teach in Saudi Arabia. If you too are wondering, then read on you may be surprised by what this country has to offer to expats, especially ESL teachers. The Nb 1 reason why muslim expats want

esl job in saudi arabia

Applying for an ESL Job in Saudi

Saudi Arabia must be the country paying the highest salaries to ESL university teachers, no wonder people all over the world look into getting an ESL job in Saudi Arabia at some point. If you’re wondering if you qualify, here are a few tips to apply


What makes a person want to leave everything to move abroad? For us it started with an idea, that of building a house in Tunisia. This idea soon got hold of us and turned into a dream, so strong and beautiful we had to make

Where is today?

Hello My family and i are planning a MAJOR change in the coming months and i thought it would be fun, interesting and maybe a good source of memories to start this blog. I had wanted to do something like that when my first son