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If you plan to come and work in Libya there is something very important you need to know. A medical certificate is asked of every foreign employee (at least in universities and in the Oil business). There is a law in Libya which makes it compulsory for expat to submit to a health check and provide a medical certificate to their employers before they can sign a contract.

How it works: As far as i know only Libyan medical certificates are accepted and they must be recent too. So when you first report for work, you’ll be sent to a hospital to have some blood sample taken. They look specifically for HIV, TB and Hepatitis (not sure which one though). It takes from a few days to a few weeks to be done.

   If the results are negative and you do not carry any of those diseases, you’ll need to provide a copy of your certificate (+ show the original) when you sign your contract. You will not be allowed to sign a contract without it. Libyans are very strict on this point.

   If unfortunately your results are positive and you carry on of those diseases, as far as i know you’ll be fired on the spot and asked to leave the country. I do not know how they work out compensation for the time you have worked and i do not know how long you’ll have to exit the country but for sure you won’t be allowed to stay, you won’t sign a contract and you will never be able to apply for Iqama (resident status).

This is something that i didn’t know before moving to Libya, yet it is extremely important. Imagine turning your life around to move here only to be sent back after a few weeks! If you know you carry one of those diseases please take it seriously and do not move here until you have discussed your case with your future employer. From what i have been told there is nothing employers can do, it is way above their heads and the law is applied very strictly.

Questions I’ve been asked by future expats:
Can it be avoided? the answer is NO
What are the chances of being undetected? I would say very slim
Can you still work if your results are positive? Not legally – no one will make you sign a contract

There are not a lot of websites or blogs that talk about his but this is very real and as of the time of writing (January 2014) this law is very much in place and enforced. 

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