I’m nominated for the Liebster Award

As you may have noticed i’ve been offline for quite some time now, simply busy with work: it’s exam time, working on my new WordPress Blog, and preparing to move to another country, I got a serious job offer already, only need one more for hubby and we’re off to… shhhh it’s still secret. Yet while i was away Diary of an Expat continued to attract new readers, future expats and fellow bloggers. And i have been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Thank you so much Samantha from The Wandering Wanderluster for noticing my blog and thinking it good enough to receive a Liebster Award.

For those who don’t know the Liebster Award is an award from bloggers to bloggers, it was created to acknowledge new blogs and bloggers and help them get discovered by others. It’s like a big welcome to the world of blogging, a nice way to say “you’re in, we know who you are and we like your work”.

This is the very first time Diary of an Expat is nominated for anything and i gotta say, i’m all excited. I’ve been working on this blog (my very first) for over a year now and i’m now spending a lot of time everyday updating it, adding posts, pictures and answering queries from readers and it means a lot to me that all this hard work (it’s almost like a part-time job) is recognised. So once again Thank You Samantha.

Liebster Award

Here are the 10 questions i’ve been asked to answer:

1) What’s the kindest thing a stranger on the road has done for you?
Small act of kindness are the one i remember the most. In Tunisia people are so kind and helpful they go out of their ways to help you. I remember once being stuck in Tunis looking for a cab at rush hour, waiting with my 2 young children in the heat. I stayed there for about 20 minutes and no cab would take us. A young man came along and with barely a word to us, started stopping cabs and trying to make them take us. It took him another 15 minutes and when he found us a cab, he opened the door for us, made sure we were all OK and left without a word.

2) What is the best story a stranger has ever told you?
Not sure it counts as a story but i like jokes about foreigners and mistakes they can make using a language they are not familiar with. The lost in translation kinda situations. I’ve heard quite a few good ones, too hard to just pick one.

3) If you had a week to live and an unlimited budget where would you head to?
Japan. I’ve never been there but for some strange reason i feel attracted to this country and culture. It’s not in my plans to go there but it’s definitely on top of my “if only i could” list. I would go somewhere traditional in Japan though, a small city somewhere, not the capital or other big touristy places.

4) What is the strangest travel experience you have ever had?
Libya. Living here is surreal at times. Things happen around you and you can’t even start to comprehend HOW or WHY?Tthe more you try the more confused you get. And this happen on a daily basis.

5) What is your recommended travel hack?
As an expat, i usually carry loads of lugguage when i travel and i’ve learnt that hand luggguage is the key to packing more than you’re allowed by the airline. As long as the hand lugguage has got the right size, they will not check the weight of it so load it up with everything heavy (like books). Last time we moved we carried an extra 40kg in hand lugguage! With 2 young children we are allowed baby bags on top of the handbags and laptop bags.

6) If you could only take three things with you on a deserted island what would you take?
Jane Eyre, my just-the right-shape pillow and my phone (for the camera)

7) Where was your best beach experience?
Misurata, Libya. I had never ever seen water that colour before. Hues of blue, green, turquoise and white. Water so clean it is transparent even waist high… and so warm. Definitely one of the best thing about Libya.

8) What was your most disgusting travel food experience?
I never got to eat funky things but i’m tired of Couscous lol. After 3 months in Tunisia being offered couscous every day, i just got sick of it and i don’t even want to see it anymore. Too bad because i used to enjoy it before and with a Tunisian husband it’s hard to avoid it in the house.

9) What made you start blogging?
Two things really: inspiration by other expat bloggers which i discovered when i planned to move to Libya and the lack of resources on Libya. Put the two together and i got myself a mission lol. I love reading and i always thought i could write one day, when i started blogging i knew i had found the right kind of writing for me.

10) What is your best travelling tip?
Patience. No matter where you go you’ll need plenty of patience. When you’re a stranger in a strange place with strange people speaking a strange language, you won’t achieve anything without a big dollop of patience. So be patient, learn to adapt, accept what you can’t understand (yet) and leave people time to adapt to you as well.

Now it’s my turn and i’m very happy to nominate the following bloggers:

Corinne Vail of Reflections EnRoute
Jon Algie of Jon is travelling
Jon and Kach of Two Monkeys Travel
Elena of Elena’s Travelgram
Gwen of It Started in LA
Tyler and Melissa of Snowbird in Training
Jess of Turquoise Compass
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Catherine of Ever Changing Scenery
Hussein Almosawi of Dilmuni Couple

These are my Liebster Award Questions to you guys:

What is the difference between a traveller, an expat and a tourist?
Which one(s) are you?
What did you learn “on the road” that you could never have found in books?
What stereotype(s) did you find out was NOT true?
The one memory/experience abroad that will stay with you forever?
The most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
What does Exotic mean for you, could you paint us a picture?
If you could give 3 pieces of advice to future travellers/expats?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
When do you stop travelling?

This is a first for Diary of an Expat and i’m glad to share the love with other Bloggers. I hope you’ll answer my questions and that you’ll have fun in the process. Welcome to Blog World.

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