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Dhee Ayn

Tourism in Saudi – Dhee Ayn in the Baha Region

Did someone actually say “Tourism in Saudi”? Is that even possible? Yes it is true that the country has been closed to tourists for many years but it is starting to open up…. slowly. OK very slowly but that doesn’t meant there is nothing to

universal language of children

The One True Universal Language

Is childhood the best universal language in the world? I spent a few weeks in France this summer to visit my family and to catch up with my best friends from university. It’s been many years since we met up and we now all have

Historic Jeddah Festival

I’m on holiday! For the first time since coming back from Tunisia last summer, i’m off work. What a semester it’s been: between a heavy work schedule and a pretty difficult school run routine I found myself doing nothing but work, look after my kids and

sousse tunisia

I’m off to Tunisia, no Matter What!

I love Tunisia. If you’ve been following this blog, you know one of my purpose is to shed light on Tunisia and show the world what fantastic opportunities this little country has to offer to travellers and explorers of all kinds. Well, Tunisia is very much in