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Expat and Muslim in India

India is notoriously difficult to define or understand, so perhaps more than in other reviews, this piece is a reflection on my experiences rather than an overall judgment of the nation. India is, in theory, a pluralistic, democratic and secular state where the population is

Expat & Muslim in Iran

  Iran is one of only a handful of countries around the world that declares itself a fully-fledged Islamic republic. Not surprisingly, simply naming itself an Islamic republic doesn’t make Iran a utopia for Muslims, despite the ‘idea’ of Islam being infused through the government

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Expat and Muslim in Pakistan

The article below is a guest post by Tim Blight, an Australia and Pakistan-based writer and amateur photographer, who has been kind enough to share his experience of the Muslim culture in his adoptive country: Pakistan. Without further ado… Pakistan is a largely Muslim country, but despite being known

Expat and Muslim in Australia

Blogging is not simply about sharing personal experience, it is also about raising awareness of other cultures and ways of life. Many bloggers hope to make a difference in the world by showing others that we can be different yet live together in peace. Islam