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I’m off to Tunisia, no Matter What!

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I love Tunisia. If you’ve been following this blog, you know one of my purpose is to shed light on Tunisia and show the world what fantastic opportunities this little country has to offer to travellers and explorers of all kinds.

Well, Tunisia is very much in the news these days, unfortunately it’s for all the wrong reasons. Even since some nutters decided to open fire on tourists killing 38 people in Sousse, Tunisia, medias all over the world have been talking about how dangerous Tunisia is, Airlines and Tour Operators have cancelled flights and holidays deals and tourists have pretty much fled the country.

Sousse, Tunisia
Tourists queuing to leave Tunisia at Enfidha Airport after the attack in Sousse. – Photo Credit

Already back in March (2015) an explosion had killed a group of tourists in the capital city Tunis.

As a result of those attacks, the Tunisian people is suffering from yet another blow to their main (if not only) source of income. Tunisian people are poor people, life is very hard most of the time and summer is for many the only chance to get some decent income and make ends meet, feed their family and pay bills. No only that but the government has now declared the “state of emergency” in all the country so once again the Tunisian people find itself living a restricted life, under closer surveillance and everything else this measure entails.

Now what?

Well I’m gonna tell you what is going to happen. I’ve seen it all before with my very eyes. Back in the summer of 2012 (shortly after the Arab Spring Movement started in Tunisia, all over North Africa and the Middle East) I travelled to Tunisia from the UK… in an empty plane! I talked a lot with the plane crew and they knew the season was over, ruined and that Tunisia was doomed financially for at least a few years.

Sousse, Tunisia
Hotels in Sousse and all over Tunisia are now empty. Photo Credit: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP

The same is going to happen again. The summer season is completely ruined this year and in the future Tunisia will struggle to rebuild trust and re-start its tourism-lead economy. In the meantime what of the hundred thousands of people who depend on tourists to make a living? I’m not talking about Airlines and big hotels, I’m talking about street vendors, small restaurant owners, local guides…? Tunisia is not like the UK, there is no welfare money to fall back on! Those are going to suffer. BIG TIME!

So what can you do, you ask? Well for a start, read and share this post, and any other post intended to help Tunisia rebuild that all-important trust with holiday makers. If you had planned on going to Tunisia please don’t cancel. And you if are going to Tunisia like me (I’ll be there soon) take the time to talk to the people, eat in their restaurants, buy their souvenirs and show them YOU CARE.

For people in Tunisia it’s not all about money, it’s also about people! We must do what we can to show people in Tunisia that we KNOW they are not responsible for those terrible acts. Many reports have now surfaced since the attacks, about how Tunisians did everything they could to protect tourists, from shielding them and making a human chain around hotels to throwing projectile onto the attackers and even running after him at great personal risk.

These days there is another country which makes the headlines: Greece and its failed economy. Ever since Greece made the news, blogs and social medias have been full of reports of people flocking to Greece and its pretty islands to “help the economy and the Greek people” (can you tell I’m slightly skeptical on all those people’s real intentions?).

While millions rush to Greece to make the most of the low prices and wonderful beaches, how many will remember Tunisia and the Tunisian people?

I’m heading to Tunisia tomorrow, I’m taking some measures of precautions for when I am in Tunis, especially at the airport but other than that I plan to enjoy a relaxing holiday, spend time with my family (in-laws) and set the first step in motion to make Tunisia my future home.

What about you? Will you share this post? Will you help?

12 thoughts on “I’m off to Tunisia, no Matter What!

  1. I heard That Tunisia is #1 for kidnapping for Is and other terrorist groups. I don’t think you should advise westerners or non Muslims to go there.

    1. you \”heard\”? Would you mind giving some facts that could be verified? I have been to Tunisia many times and I still have to face any problems. While i agree people should be careful when choosing a destination i think it should be based on serious research and not merely hearsay.

      1. OK,

        The UK has the WHOLE COUNTRY listed as “advise against all but ESSENTIAL TRAVEL”, except for the parts in red listed AS “ADVISE against all travel”.




        I think the love of your HUSBAND’S country has affected your objectivity and reason.

        The person I heard the original statement from lived in a few African countries and is married to someone from that region.

        1. I don't pay much attention to those official warnings as i'm pertty sure they are motivated more by political and economic factors than security. I have indeed lived in Libya and if i had listened to the official warning i would never have been. It said at the time that Misurata was a total no no while Tripoli was OK. Well i can tell you i have never felt safer than in Misurata (i'm NOT married to a Libyan) and Tripoli was a hothub of incidents and major problems while i lived in Libya. I do love Tunisia but i probably wouldn't like it much if i felf oppressed or unsafe there. My many experiences in Tunisia have shown me a country populated by kind, helpful, respectful people. But of course there's alwasy enough crazies to make the front page news to scare people away. Have you noticed that the latest terrorist attacks stopped as soon as the livelihood of TUNISIAN people was ruined??? You think those terrorists are Tunisian?
          Anyway everyone is entitled to their opinions and since this happens to be my personal blog i will continue to express my personal opinions here. Everyone is free to disagree with and disregard said opinions.

    2. Kidnapping of who? I live in Tunis . I was born in Poland raised in London. Never hear of kidnapping and missing children.

  2. I don’t think that’s a wise thing to do , I went for a week last month and it was horrible, people are mean & try to rob you blind, they think they are smart . I hated every minute of it… Go to Greece or anywhere else but certainly not Tunisia … It sucks!!! Waste of hard earned money

    1. Sorry you didn\’t have a good time in Tunisia, i guess it\’s the same in every country people will have different experience. My 2 weeks in Tunisia this year were as great as always and i can\’t wait to visit again next year.

  3. I think what happened between Tunisia and Greece and why they’re getting media attention these days are entirely different – which is probably why people are responding differently to it. I would love to visit Tunisia one day however, even I am a bit hesitant to do so. I would love nothing but to help the innocent people who are now affected by a selfish act of one man – I wish I will have an opportunity to do so in the near future.

    Enjoy your holidays! 🙂

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