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What makes a person want to leave everything to move abroad? For us it started with an idea, that of building a house in Tunisia. This idea soon got hold of us and turned into a dream, so strong and beautiful we had to make real plans to make it happen. It’s all simple enough, it’s when you need to make choices that things gets difficult.

July 2012: Before I Became a SERIAL Expat

We spent a whole month in Tunisia, staying mainly in Hammamet in the north and El Hamma, Gabes in the South and this is where it hit us: this is what we want! We need to come and live here…
But life is not that easy so we have to plan for such a move… back in the UK we think outloud about building a house, moving the family there… but it is in the distant future.

September 2012: Planning Another Expat Move

Vague plans are taking shapes, we need to go and work abroad to make some money and build our house in Tunisia. We “settle” on Libya after discarding the Gulf states which we considered for a while.

December 2012: Plans and Change of Plans

My husbands receives an email about a job offer teaching English in Saudi and that’s it, the Gulf is back on the shortlist and we start planning again: making phone calls, sending emails… the works!


Now: Need to make a decision

All the networking worked and we now have quite a few options available. Just to unload, here is the deal as of today:
+ close to Tunisia, conservative, quite a few contacts, work and career oportunities
_ salaries are unpredictable, housing market is expensive (rent + most landlord ask for 12 months rent in advance)

+ Hajj, Umra, very competitive salaries (tax free + LOADS of perks)
_ compound life (not sure positive or negative yet), children not allowed in local schools, visa and movements restrictions

UAE, Qatar:
for now bottom of the list, kinda middle ground between Libya and Saudi: more freedom than Saudi + great schools BUT life more expensive and salaries lower than Saudi but higher than Libya.
a major minus for me personally as well: Qatar and the UEA as not as strict on Shariah as the Saudis and moving out of the UK for me means going closer to Islam.

This is how it starts, how a simple thought can get you to move abroad and change your life for ever. What’s your dream destination?

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