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A few times as I was travelling here and there people ask me: “how is it for Muslims there?“. So I decided to create this space to share my experience as a Muslim Expat in the places I’ve lived in and try to explain what it is really like in people’s everyday life. Other Muslim expats have since joined me in this little project of mine, offering to share their experience in other countries.

It is also my intention to offer people of all backgrounds an alternative view of Islam and Muslims. With everything happening in the world today and so much being said about Muslim people and Muslim beliefs, many people, I’ve come to realize, are interested in hearing about Islam and Muslims and would be ready to ignore the stereotypes, if only someone would offer them a different explanation.

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All the content on this blog is meant to reflect my personal experience only, it is in no way intended to be a comprehensive study of Islam and/or Muslims around the world.

If you have any question or if you’d like to share you “Expat and Muslim” experience, just contact me anytime.

10 thoughts on “Expat & Muslim

  1. I was wondering there is no expat & Muslim in Oman?
    I was always looking for an expat blog from a Muslim point of view! It’s a great idea

    1. Hi Suzane
      Glad you enjoyed this part of the blog. I\’ve never been to Oman so I cannot write an \’expat and Muslim in Oman\’ post but if you or someone you know can write it please do contact me i\’d love to add other countries to this series.

  2. as salaam alaikum, Mashallah what a lovely blog! I was looking around on the CSI Hidden Object page for people I could add, and I stumbled across your blog link and decided to read it.

    I'm an American revert to Islam myself, and I have been an expat living in South Africa for over two years (I married a South African well after I became Muslim). I tried to keep a blog about my life here in South Africa but I just don't have the time. It's sad because things are very different here, both good and bad.

    And yes I get where you're coming from about men not expecting salaams etc. I've had men walk past me, say nothing, and go right to my husband standing beside me and give him salaams, still ignoring me. They see it as being polite and respectful of my modesty, but it's still weird compared to my experience in America.

    I can't wait to read more mashallah. 😀

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comments. Don't give up your blog idea entirely, just put it in the back of your head for a later time. Since i started blogging i've discovered that personal blogs are an amazing source of knowledge and information about life abroad. But you're right it is quite time consuming especially once you get into it, it's very addictive lol . Hoping to hear again from you, feel free to leave comments to let me know what you think, i'd love feedback from a fellow Muslim expat.

    2. I’m currently in Senegal after living in The Gambia and Egypt. Personally I’m not pleased with the day to day life in any of these countries. I have tried to reach out to rural areas hoping to serve some needs of the people but realized this work is best left to NGOs. All three countries have a very strong western feel and lack mannars. Saddly I was an American before identified as Muslim. I guess what’s most hurtful to me is the lack of Islamic mannars. I am a revert it was Islamic mannars that touched my heart. I face a difficult challenge to enter a Muslim country where Islam is protected by the leadership like many of the gulf countries – no degree. Anyone knowing ways and means for people without a college degree to live in the gulf region please reply. This info will help more than myself I have created a group to keep people informed like me.

      1. I think I know what you mean. I have also been to some Muslim countries where what I saw really troubled me. Let\’s remember always though that Islam is perfect, people are not! We have to remain patient and do our best to make dawa.

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