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Libya Jobs – Getting a Health Certificate

Despite the war, the instability and the very real dangers, Libya jobs continue to attract expats from all over the world. Very little can be found on the internet to help those expats prepare a move to Libya. My expat life in Libya may be over but I lived

esl in saudi arabia

ESL salary in Saudi Arabia

It is no secret that many people move to Saudi Arabia attracted by the very advantageous salaries offered to ESL teachers. No other country in the world offer better salaries than Saudi Arabia and the lists of perks (benefits) that expats receive on top of

Zawia university Libya

Libya in Pictures: Zawia University

I don’t know if you’re like me but when I start looking into a destination I want to see some pictures. I need to get a feel of the place and this is something that words alone can’t give. For future expats to Libya the process of

Expat in Libya – The end

I lived as an expat in Libya for almost 2 years and I’m now headed to a new destination. It’s time to look back and share my last impressions of my time in Libya.  The big question is: was it all worth it or was