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4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Liam Barrett says:

    Hey there,

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and thought your motto “Travel is something you ARE not something you do” was really great. As an expat currently living in Australia, I’d love to have the opportunity to guest post about how expats can make the most of Sydney as soon as they move there!

    I look forward to hearing back!

    Best regards,
    Liam Barrett

    1. Jameela Deen says:

      Thank you Liam, glad to see some people can relate to my motto. I\’ve emailed you about a guest post. Hope to read more about Sydney soon.

  2. Amm says:

    Hi, I read your post about the property you rented in zawiya and was wondering what the agency’s name is that you used? It sounds like you used 2 different ones.


    1. Jameela Deen says:

      Hello Amm i\’m not sure I remember the agency as my husband used to handle all of those things in Zawiya however the name \’bab Al zawiyah\’ comes with mind. We used them for both properties (the house and the flat). They used to have an office right at the entry of the city coming from Tripoli (hence the name I guess) but I think they moved after a while. If you do find them I would recommend them the guy we dealt with was great!

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