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and WELCOME to my world.

About me (Jameela, serial expat, mother of 3 and ESL teacher among other things…)

Let me get this straight. This is not your average travel blog. For one, I haven’t travel the world or been to 50+ countries in 2 months.

This is an EXPAT blog. What’s the difference you ask?

Well, it means that in this blog you’ll find real life stories, insider’s views and some useful tips that you can act upon to move to and to settle in a new country and make it your own (at least for a time). I’m also a University Lecturer teaching English (ESL) and I share my experience (good and bad) and tips to look for jobs abroad and to deal with local laws and regulations.

All my life, I’ve lived in 5 different countries: France, England and Wales, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

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About you

Let me guess, you’re planning to move or have recently moved to a Middle East or North African country and curious as you are, you Googled your destination but were disappointed by the lack of current, relevant and essential info about your new home?

Well, the exact same thing happened to me when I moved to Libya in 2012, Google had nothing but outdated content or pictures of the war zones. So I started my expat blog Diary of a Serial Expat and I published loads of posts about expat life in Libya, then Saudi Arabia and also Tunisiawhere I live now.

I soon realised that people were desperate for the information I was putting online: recent information from the inside, tips that could be acted upon by new expats and pictures to give them a glimpse of their new home.

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I’ve received (and still do) loads of emails like those as well as comments and feedback on my blog. If this is you too, then you should find something of interest in this blog. Go right ahead and start browsing. And anytime you have a question, I’m just one email away (I make a point to answer EVERY email I receive) so feel free to drop me a line: diaryofaserialexpat@gmail.com.

ohhhh and I almost forgot: Nice to meet you 🙂